Laura Butkus

Whats New In 6.3.6?

Faster Reporting with Snowflake OLAP DWH (for Enterprise Users)  The bigger the organization, the bigger the data. And sometimes the

Real Practice For Future Business Owners

  In April, we finished our first partnership with the BA School of Business and Finance where we took part

Map chart is more than just a chart.. It tells a story of your business

Maps help you organize information and figure out where you are and where you want to go. A map isn’t

Whats New In 6.1.0?

In this release, our main focus is on user experience improvements, that may seem small at the first glance, but

Whats New In 6.0.0? 6.0.0 is here and you can maybe guess that we have something big to present from that important number

Whats New In 5.1.0? 5.1.0 is here and we think it’s awesome – based on modern architecture and packed with cool and handy features

Read info day in Riga team is pleased to announce that our info day “Can Business Intelligence Help in Company Management?” event on the


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