Interactive & flexible reports

Dynamic Filters and Drill Down

Explore and analyze your data with an instant feedback. Start with a summary and dig into details to examine your business data with multi-dimensional analysis. Drill-in or across other dimensions right from the report. Find actionable insights, trends, and opportunities, make smart and data-driven decisions.


Easy to customize

Even when your reports are built and published, they are not set in stone. They can be easily adjusted with a couple of clicks and drag-and-drops.

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Self-Service Report creation: Drag & Drop

Create custom reports, charts, and dashboards with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder. Create new tables, charts, reports, and dashboards with just a couple of clicks. Quickly discover new insights and opportunities with all your data at your fingertips.

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Powerful calculations

Go way beyond basic analysis by creating new measures and powerful calculations. Start with many predefined calculations or write your own using the built-in MDX editor with auto-complete and syntax highlighting. Perform multi-dimensional analysis and examine your business data in almost any way you need.

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Data access and sharing

Flexible data access roles and Usage statistics

Set data access roles, to limit access to particular reports or even dimension members. See Usage statistics, to find out who is using your reports and which are the most popular metrics.

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Wallboards for your team

Not. all users want & can to log in into BI , no worries we have solution for them. You can setup a Wallboard on TV screen for your SalesTeam, Warehouse operatives or Delivery guys, to keep them informed about current statuses and progress.

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Easy to share: PDF via email, export to XLS

If you don’t want to visit your reports every day, you can subscribe to regular PDF exports sent directly to your mailbox. You can also export reports to CSV, PDF, PNG or EXCEL for use outside of

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