flex.bi for Visma Horizon

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The only Visma Horizon certified Cloud based BI solution for Horizon systems

Business Intelligence for Every Department & Module

Measure and analyze your project and business KPIs. Identify trends, threats, and opportunities. Optimize and improve workflows, processes, and procedures.

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flex.bi for VISMA Horizon Integration

Take your Horizon reporting to new level

Report Builder, Result Tracking, Planning, Execution, and Forecasting

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Strategic and Operational Dashboard tool for Horizon by VISMA
  • financials, sales and other  business process analytics
  • out of the box support for the most used modules
  • possibility to create custom built cubes for any data or business logic
  • powerful and easy to set up integration using REST API
  • fast and easy way to connect with  standardised connector
  • 30 day TRIAL and free Demo setup on your data

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Our Custom Cube Builder is flexible as hell

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Our Horizon source application now boasts enhanced flexibility with the addition of the custom cube builder. This feature allows users to encompass virtually any data, from production to hotel management, including modules, registers, and Custom fields.  Create new cubes, dimensions, measures, and implement custom data transformations using JavaScript for unprecedented customisation options.

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Reports & Dashboards for All Departments of your Business

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It is not only for managers, it is for everyone – dashboards in web browser, mobile device, scheduled PDF in your email on Monday morning or Wallboard for sales team with relevant information for them. Communicate your company goals for all team members and make sure that use working towards the same common goal. Our data access roles will match even the most complex needs.

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You can start with Our Templates and find inspiration in Report Library

You can start with Our Templates and find inspiration in 

flex.bi is self-service reporting tool and we want to make it as easy for you as possible to get started. You can start with our templates for some inspiration and adjust the reports to your needs. You don’t have to be a programmer, just drag and drop report blocks, to find the answers you are looking for.

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flex.bi available in Cloud and Enterprise versions

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VISMA Horizon integration modules


You can visualize your budget plan and compare it with Live data. Save time on manual data management. Personalized Profit and Loss reports and power of finance consolidation.

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Project analytics

Focus on project budgets and always be on top of your expenses. Motivate your team to focus on budget and plan future activities for each project.

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Sales Invoices

Predict future trends and sales results at the end of the month. Monitor performance of each agent and measure if they reach the targets.

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Stock analytics

Detailed item reports by location, routes and variations, as well as, classifications and objects. Stock turnover report will help you to see the progress.

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