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Group Trainings And Q&A Sessions

  • Create powerful, effective and useful reports

  • Discover full power of eazyBI features

  • Become an MDX expert

  • Learn how to build dashboards that actually work

Fast and effective way to understand endless possibilities of and eazyBI platforms trough real examples and tasks. Learn about best practices of data cube and report building and save time with Tips and Tricks knowledge.

We can organise a group training for all your team or help you with advice about more specific issues. For any questions about trainings, please contact

Report Master

6 hours*/
*workshop, (5 pers. max)

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You will learn

  • How to use data filters and find necessary answers
  • How to modify reports and use Drill options
  • Basic concepts of eazyBI (Data cube,Dimensions, hierarchies)
  • Dashboard layouts and setup
  • Bookmarking and grouping members
  • Basic MDX functions (Aggregate, SUM, Count, AVG )
  • Report formatting and publishing

You will practice ( Quiz & Test included)

  • Importing and adjusting templates
  • Building your own reports
  • Creating dashboards and wallboards
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MDX Guru

6 hours/
*workshop (5 pers. max)

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You will learn

  • MDX basic concepts and tips
  • MDX Data types (Members, Tuples, Sets)
  • Structure of simple & complex calculations
  • Top 30 MDX functions
  • Comments, Formatting & Regular expressions
  • Debugging MDX queries
  • Look up and using new functions

You will practice

  • How to use advanced functions in a different context
  • Recognizing different data types
  • Writing CASE WHEN statements
  • Using 28 different functions
  • -
  • Requirements: Understanding about Data cubes, Dimensions, Hierarchies and Hierarchy levels, experience with creating reports and filtering and finding specific data through reports
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Data Admin

6 hours*/
* workshop (5 pers. max)

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You will learn

  • eazyBi Data Structure
  • Data cube architecture (Dimensions, Hierarchies, Properties, Measures)
  • Data Mapping
  • Rest API and SQL Data source
  • Advanced settings for Custom fields
  • Server maintenance tools

You will practice

  • Adding new custom fields
  • Adding measure to existing data cube
  • Building new data cube
  • Good practice of data cube building
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Training Location: Online, Riga (Latvia, Audēju 15) , Your location ( +Travel Costs) 

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Trainings for Project managers and Dashboard builders

90% of Analytics Project Success is in implementation! Learn tips and tricks of dashboard building and make sure your BI project successful.

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  • Server maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Custom data source connections (SQL, REST API)
  • MDX questions of your choice
  • Any other topic


225 EUR / 3 h session

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