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Available data sources

Integrations with ERP systems for Standard ERP by HansaWorld

Most organic reporting tool for Standard ERP by HansaWorld systems
  • keep teams informed, aligned, motivated, productive and accountable
  • make well-informed, smart, data-supported decisions
  • be sure that data in reports are always up to date and free from human mistakes (we are all human!)
  • powerful and easy to set up integration using REST API made by HansaWorld experts
  • 30 day  FREE TRIAL  set it up for free of charge within an hour
  • out of the box support for 14 most used modules from nominal ledger to inventory
  • possibility to create custom built cubes for any data or business logic
  • support for multi-company setups for consolidated reports from all modules

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Strategic and Operational Dashboard  tool for Standard BOOKS by Excellent
  • embedded BI with Company Pulse Dashboard  and Main registers analytics in Standard BOOKS
  • out of the box support for most used modules from nominal ledger to inventory
  • powerful and easy to set up integration using REST API
  • fast and eazy way to connect with  standardised connector
  • possibility to create custom built cubes for any data or business logic
  • support for multi-company setups for consolidated reports from all modules

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The only Visma certified cloud based BI solution for Horizon systems
  • analyse and monitor any data from your Horizon ERP system, built with our custom cube builder
  • use the reports for management reporting or team motivation and drive
  • always up to date data imported via Horizon REST API connector without added cost since is a certified partner solution
  • import budgets and even add external data source to see the full picture of your business

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flex.bI for Jumis PRO

Affordable and easy to set up reporting and BI tool for Jumis customers
  • custom built reports and dashboards on financial and other data from Jumis database
  • receive scheduled emails with dashboards in PDF format in your or your customers email and save time on manual reporting
  • import budgets and other additional data to enhance your accounting data
  • see your financial data in a visual and easy to use way and save your accountants time

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Priority ERP

Powerful business intelligence tool for Priority ERP systems
  • beautiful custom reports, dashboards and wallboards for any industry from healthcare to production
  • analyse any data from financials to warehouse
  • purpose-built connector created by Priority ERP experts supporting REST API features like forms and connected records
  • pre-made templates for more than 10 Priority ERP modules
  • flexible custom cube builder matching the customisability of Priority ERP
  • user role and data based access rights allowing secure and controlled access for any type of user


Easily analyse rich data from your Atlassian Jira Software, Jira Service Management or Jira Work Management System

  • Measure and analyze your project and business KPIs.
  • Reduce estimation errors or ineffective resource allocation.
  • Prevent major mistakes from happening and repeating.
  • Identify trends, threats, and opportunities.
  • Keep teams informed, productive, accountable, and responsible.
  • Optimize and improve workflows, processes, and procedures.
  • Make well-informed, smart, data-supported decisions.

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Other data sources

Source files and databases

  • Easily collaborate and maintain additional data in Google Spreadsheets and automatically enhance your business data
  • Upload, map and import additional datasets in CSV or Excel files
  • Map and import data from any data source be it Google Analytics, CRM tools or any other software supporting REST API connection
  • Build new applications or enhance your data from any legacy or in-house SQL database using custom SQL statements

Other integrations

  • Analyse trends and predict future based on weather data from Visual Crossing
  • Enhance CRM or sales data with phone call statistics from 3CX phone systems
  • Improve and create data using custom machine learning (ML) models or artificial intelligence (AI) agents
  • Measure marketing performance and lead generation by analysing Google Analytics website and e-commerce data

ERP integration modules

Financials (General ledger)

You can visualize your budget plan and compare it with Live Standard ERP data. Save time on manual data management. Personalized Profit and Loss reports and power of finance consolidation.

See Financials dashboard
CRM (Customer relations)

Work with your Contact lists, measure your customer satisfaction and plan actions based on results, NPS (Net Promoter Score). Calculate customer and employee efficiency.

See CRM dashboard
Job costing (Project analytics)

Focus on project budgets and always be on top of your expenses. Motivate your team to focus on budget and plan future activities for each project.

See Project dashboard
Sales Ledger

Predict future trends and sales results at the end of the month. Monitor performance of each agent and measure if they reach the targets.

See Sales dashboard
Stock analytics

Detailed item reports by location, routes and variations, as well as, classifications and objects. Stock turnover report will help you to see the progress.

See Stock dashboard

Measure performance of each shop and publish results on monitors to motivate your shop team. Communicate targets of your company in general.

See POS dashboard
Sales Orders

Combine sales orders data together with other module data to see the big picture of your customer activity and predict orders to your suppliers.

Request Sales orders demo

Analyze your pipeline and plan your sales based of quote statuses. Practise fact based thinking not guessing.

See Quotations dashboard
Purchase Orders

Plan future purchasing costs (cost forecasting), plan purchasing timing, amounts, and costs. Compile spend reports for review in business.

See Purchase Orders dashboard
Purchase Invoices

Control your costs (ensuring costs do not exceed useful budget limits), monitor unusual purchasing trends. Get insight into which suppliers are the most advantageous to work with.

See Purchase Invoices dashboard

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