Cloud plans are a standardised version hosted and taken care of. It has all the features and flexibility but has its limits and might not be suited in case of specific requirements and customisation needs or extra large amount of data.
Enterprise is your private server installation that can be hosted in a cloud or on premise and can be customised for your special needs: new data source integrations, specific business processes or data structures.
Unlimited version is suitable for those who fell in love with our engine and would like to resell product under a different name, embed in other software and develop new integrations.
You can see the list of Data sources and HansaWorld data cubes in Product page.

Cloud plans


0 EUR/ month

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  • 1 account in our cloud
  • 1 source application
  • Source files (XLS, CSV, HansaWorld)
  • 1 data cube (HansaWorld or build your own)
  • 3 users
  • 50 MB data

For small businesses or those who need a playground for their data

  • Extra dimensions (HansaWorld) : Objects
  • Unlimited reports
  • 8 types of interactive charts
  • Create your own formulas with MDX
  • 4 types of Drill into
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75 EUR/ month

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  • 1 account in our cloud
  • 2 source applications
  • Source files (XLS, CSV, HansaWorld)
  • 3 data cubes (HansaWorld or build your own)
  • 10 users
  • 500 MB data

For middle sized companies who know what they need

  • All features of Start plan
  • Extra dimensions (HansaWorld) : Objects, Item classes, Customer classes, Locations
  • Scheduled Dashboard e-mails
  • Shared measures between data cubes
  • Export to XLS, CSV,PDF
  • Regular daily imports
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130 EUR/ month

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  • 1 account in our cloud
  • 3 source applications
  • Source files (XLS, CSV, HansaWorld)
  • 6 data cubes (HansaWorld or build your own)
  • 20 users
  • 2 GB data
  • Data access roles : per report, folder, data cube, dashboard or dimension

For those who want to use full power of with no compromises

  • All features of Start & Standard
  • Finance consolidation
  • Embed reports in other software
  • Geocoding (Map charts)
  • Wallboards
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  • 3 accounts
  • Dedicated server
  • Open for customisations
  • Open for new integrations
  • Company logo
  • 40 users

Unlimited version

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Unlimited users

  • Develop custom integrations

  • Modify to match local market

  • Become a reseller

Our technology - your branding ! This version gives you freedom to embed our engine in your software, white label and resell in your local market and implement new directions of integrations.

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