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Our consultants are experienced working with eazyBI and flex.bi platforms and offer consulting, programming and training.  Services are provided  for partners as well as for customers.

1. Free Skype Support Line – flexbi.support

Available on working days for customers that have subscribed to flex.bi. Usually takes up to 24 hours depending on how many requests we have in the queue. Best suitable for:

  • small questions & answers that you could not find in our documentation
  • questions that do not involve knowing your server or data specifics
  • questions that are not urgent
  • giving example of MDX function or generic MDX questions

Support line is not a live chat with a dedicated person, but we really want to help you.   So if you want us to help you, please describe full context of your situation.

2. Support email – support@flex.bi

For urgent communication or detailed questions that require our attention or help, usually takes 24- 48 hours to answer. This option will connect you to someone who can help or schedule Training or Question & Answer session if necessary. Best suitable for:

  • Communication about server or programming specific issues or orders
  • MDX questions that do not require your server access and you can provide context
  • Submitting complex MDX questions for Q&A sessions
  • For bug reporting. Please provide information needed to repeat this bug, the current situation and the exact expected result

Chargeable options (must be booked in advance), please ask for estimates.

1. Questions and answers sessions usually require access to your server

Best suitable for:

  • server and data specific MDX questions if we have access to your server and report specifications before the session
  • server maintanace questions and resolving of related issues

You can book a consultant for a couple of hours of online session to develop some things together or ask multiple questions and get answers faster. In this case, we will connect you to the person who is specialized in those type of questions or knows your server and data specifics.

2. Training on a specific topic

A training session will save you time and show more specific options of data source connections, server settings, MDX, measures or functionality examples.

3. Consulting sessions on site

You can also book a consultant to have a private session locally. In this case you have to cover the cost of traveling and the hours spent on consulting.


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