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flex.bi solutions provide the awareness of the progress and the possibility to get answers to your important questions as well as for quick spotting of discrepancies and errors. It enables the full potential of your employees by giving them insight and understanding on how they are influencing the business and showing them that they are actually setting the company up for success or failure.

We are based in Riga, Latvia working with partners and customers across Europe, Africa, North America and Australia. The core of our team has more than 10 years of experience working with Hansaworld  Standard  ERP, web-based, and other system implementation and integration projects.


Benefits of choosing flex.bi

  • Flexibility
  • Less programming
  • User friendly
  • Saving time
  • Data correlation
  • Transparency
  • Information availability on all levels
  • Centralized data hub
  • Live data
  • Internal competition as a drive for achievements
  • Analysis based on the historical data
  • Easy to work with flex.bi team
  • Reliable support
  • Personal attitude to every customer

Our Team


Sales and Project management

BI dashboard wizard. People person - always keeps a positive mindset.


Product Developement

Knowledgeable problem-solving machine, amazing ability to go into details.


Product Developement

Has a curious mind, loves to help and share his knowledge with others.


Product Developement

Will always find a solution to any problem, there's no such term as "unsolvable" to him.



Creative force, notices the little details and has an eye to find beauty in simple things.


Our customers

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