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What Is

Data visualisation tool that helps to gather all your company data in one place, save time on manual data management, make decisions faster and motivate your team to reach targets in more effective way.

How can help your business ? builds effective teams

Let your team find opportunities, risks and trends in your company’s finance, sales,  stock or other data. Measure customer satisfaction and monitor your project budgets. is is the best BI tool to perfectly have your data from  different Standard ERP modules and other systems in one view.  The drill down functionality is wonderful. 

Norman Mouton, CTO, saves your time and money

Dashboards are always available online and up to date. You can make fact based decisions and focus on business needs, not manual data modeling. saves me hours of time in manually exporting reports into excel and creating reports and dashboards. Drag and drop interface makes it easy to understand and create complex reports in minutes.

Alan Harper, CFO,

Who can use is for every team member

You can share reports and publish them on screens, company page or email to keep everyone up to date. Every employee wants to know how their work impacts the big picture. Where is the company going and what are the targets ? Let them know.

On-line interactive screens allows us to follow team results continuously and helps to accelerate decision making and implement improvements needed. It is perfect tool to motivate team to get better results and reach the targets.

Vilnis Krauze, CEO,

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