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Get your first real time dashboard in 2 hours for all our standardized connectors. Our team will guide you and suggest the most suitable templates from our Library.

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All Data United

All company data in one place: easy to understand and access: JIRA, SERP, HORIZON, IOT, SQL and other REST API data sources are welcome!

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Dashboards For All Team

Communication is the key to success! With flex.bi you can make all your team united – one vision, one goal for all team. Embed dashboards on TV or other software to make access easy.

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   Improved Performance

Our customers report higher profits, more active teams and bigger revenue.
BI is a mandatory tool for any business owner - flex.bi is a "Game changer"

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flex.bi NEWS

Custom Cube Builder

Yes, this is really happening – we have opened a whole new world for you! Have you ever wanted to build your own data cube structure, edit an existing one or share measures from different Business processes in one report? Now you can do it!Previously, if you wanted to do customizations mentioned above, you had to ask us to develop a custom cube and add it to your connector. Now it is all up to you.

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Weather Data Context

Enrich your data, by adding the weather context as measures or dimensions. You can import historical weather information and weather forecasts for up to 10 future days, to analyze your business results and goals in terms of temperature, precipitation, humidity and other weather factors.

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New Connector - VISMA Horizon ERP

The year 2023 comes with a new integration with Visma Horizon.

Trends and forecasting, customer segmentation, budget monitoring, sales team motivation, and efficiency analytics will simplify decision making processes across different industries.

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With flex.bi you can :

  • Set & Monitor your business Budgets and Targets
  • Create Dashboards, Reports, email in PDF subscriptions for all team
  • Define flexible Data access roles
  • Setup Wallboards for TV screens
  • Connect various data sources


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Turn data into useful information

How to start a Business intelligence implementation project?

Creating a culture of management by numbers is not an easy task. Numbers tell a story but how to get it right and deliver it to your team? Where to start, to end up with success? Before you begin, prepare yourself that this project requires good planning, passion, and a lot of patience. You can fix 99% of the technical things but lacking patience can be a project killer. So take a deep breath and jump in. It will be a journey where you will find out a lot about your business and values. Be ready for a couple of surprises too.

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Connect ERP, CRM
  • Hansaworld StandardERP, PAYYAP
  • Other ERP, CRM software
  • Stock, Financial or Logistics management systems
Connect web applications
  • JIRA, GIT,
  • Zendesk, Highrise, Basecamp
  • other applications with open REST API
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Connect data files, databases
  • Google Sheets, XLS, CSV files
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL, Oracle
  • Other databases

Customer Stories

With the help from flex.bi the management is always keeping hand on the pulse about company’s direction and budget implementation. We have introduced united standard in all companies of the group and have saved a lot of time.
Actual results are always available and help us make decisions promptly.

Inese Burnicka-Muizniece, Head of Financial and Legal division, Cleanhouse

flex.bi is is the best BI tool to perfectly have your data from different Standard ERP modules and other systems in one view. The drill down functionality is wonderful.

Norman Mouton, CTO

flex.bi saves me hours of time in manually exporting reports into excel and creating reports and dashboards.
Drag and drop interface makes it easy to understand and create complex reports in minutes. The cube structure to data allows one quick access to large data sets.
Always willing to work together to solve a problem if it will further develop the system.

Alan Harper, CFO, https://www.digicape.co.za/

On-line interactive screens allows us to follow team results continuously and helps to accelerate decision making and implement improvements needed. It is perfect tool to motivate team to get better results and reach the targets.

Vilnis Krauze, CEO

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