Miks Valers

Whats New In flex.bi 7.x ? So much, it is even hard to name it all..

We have been keeping silence for a while so now we have a lot to share. Version 7.0 is packed

Our experience in the EUHubs4Data project: Freedom to experiment

For flex.bi, accepting EUHubs4Data’s challenge meant jumping into the completely unknown world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thanks to

Whats New In flex.bi 6.5.0?

In this version, our focus has been on our core functionalities, which needed some facelift. We have reduced the clutter

Whats New In flex.bi 6.4.0?

Standard ERP Account Groups for Financial Reports        When you re-create Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet reports

Whats New In flex.bi 6.3.0?

This flex.bi version is all about data visualization improvements. The good-old table has become much more attractive and colorful, thanks to

Whats New In flex.bi 5.0.0?

We hope that these enhancements will help you do more and reach higher without breaking a sweat. In flex.bi version


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