Good news for CEOs in Latvia!

Good news for business managers and financial analysts using Tildes Jumis Pro – a new and powerful business analytics tool is in town and it is called Its reporting dashboards provide an easy way to save the manager’s time and focus on the things that really matter for the company.

On top of the graphical solutions already available in Tildes Jumis Pro, lets you make that extra mile by creating personalized business reports that can be supplemented with the information essential for you and your company, imported from .xls files or other systems in your business environment. For example, you can get up-to-date results in your PC and mobile devices, show them on TV screens and share them in scheduled e-mail messages. 

At this point, Tildes Jumis Pro clients can use reporting dashboards based on financial data.

  • Operational indicators and overview of historical data
  • Budget and target monitoring
  • Detailed project and partner analysis
  • Future trends and forecasts

Report libraries provide examples that will help you start analyzing your business data. Our experienced team will help you move your existing favorite report formats to a safe and fully automated environment. 

To learn more and sign-up for a free 30-day trial, fill the form on this page. If you have any questions, please, contact us at

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