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Customer Stories

With the help from the management is always keeping hand on the pulse about company’s direction and budget implementation. We have introduced united standard in all companies of the group and have saved a lot of time.
Actual results are always available and help us make decisions promptly.

Inese Burnicka-Muizniece, Head of Financial and Legal division, Cleanhouse is is the best BI tool to perfectly have your data from different Standard ERP modules and other systems in one view. The drill down functionality is wonderful.

Norman Mouton, CTO saves me hours of time in manually exporting reports into excel and creating reports and dashboards.
Drag and drop interface makes it easy to understand and create complex reports in minutes. The cube structure to data allows one quick access to large data sets.
Always willing to work together to solve a problem if it will further develop the system.

Alan Harper, CFO,

On-line interactive screens allows us to follow team results continuously and helps to accelerate decision making and implement improvements needed. It is perfect tool to motivate team to get better results and reach the targets.

Vilnis Krauze, CEO

Try out how easy it is to:

  • combine data from different sources
  • create stunning graphs and see correlation between different data
  • interact with your data
  • filter and drill into the data
  • share insights with your colleagues
  • explore your data in new ways

Customers from 15+ countries worldwide enjoy's powerful data insights.

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