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flex.bi Enterprise - powerful business analytics tool tailored to your needs

Enterprise version is useful for for multi-company businesses with bigger data amounts who need powerful data processing. Compared to the Cloud version this will allow you to run a dedicated flex.bi server hosted in the cloud or on-premise with your authentication rules and settings. Build custom connectors, data cubes, customise visual appearance. Your server - your rules!

flex.bi Enterprise Licence

  • 10 users
  • 1 account
  • Unlimited data cubes
  • Open for customizations
  • Server usage statistics
  • Powerful data processing

Upgrade options

Add Extra Users

15EUR/ Month/ User
125EUR/ Month / 10 Users
230EUR/ Month / 20 Users

Usage statistics
Add Extra Companies

1 company 75EUR/ Month
3 companies 180EUR / Month
5 companies 250EUR / Month

Consolidation options
Add Extra Accounts

1 account 75EUR/ Month
3 accounts 180EUR / Month
5 accounts 250EUR / Month

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Hosting & Maintenance

M Package -200EUR/Month
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 4 CPU Core
  • 180 GB MaxIOPS
  • 4 TB Transfer
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L Package- 250EUR/Month
  • 16 GB Memory
  • 6 CPU Core
  • 320 GB MaxIOPS
  • 6 TB Transfer
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XL Package-300EUR/Month
  • 32 GB Memory
  • 8 CPU Core
  • 640 GB MaxlOPS
  • 7TB Transfer
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Your flex.bi server - your rules

  Powerful tool tailored to my business needs. I love being on top of things and want my employees also to be aware about my expectations. We are flex.bi customer for 4 years already and it is growing together with us.

Kaspars Skribanovskis, CEO, Rolling


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Customer Stories

With the help from flex.bi the management is always keeping hand on the pulse about company’s direction and budget implementation. We have introduced united standard in all companies of the group and have saved a lot of time.
Actual results are always available and help us make decisions promptly.

Inese Burnicka-Muizniece, Head of Financial and Legal division, Cleanhouse

flex.bi is is the best BI tool to perfectly have your data from different Standard ERP modules and other systems in one view. The drill down functionality is wonderful.

Norman Mouton, CTO

flex.bi saves me hours of time in manually exporting reports into excel and creating reports and dashboards.
Drag and drop interface makes it easy to understand and create complex reports in minutes. The cube structure to data allows one quick access to large data sets.
Always willing to work together to solve a problem if it will further develop the system.

Alan Harper, CFO, https://www.digicape.co.za/

On-line interactive screens allows us to follow team results continuously and helps to accelerate decision making and implement improvements needed. It is perfect tool to motivate team to get better results and reach the targets.

Vilnis Krauze, CEO

Enterprise Unlimited Version

  • Unlimited Accounts / Users

  • Open for Customisations

  • Your server Your Rules

  • 900 EUR / Month

Unlimited flex.bi server is the most flexible license you can imagine - it allows you to decide how many accounts and users you want to add, consolidate as many companies as your business require and connect any required data sources.

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