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Start using the reports and dashboards we've provided for Sales, Financial, CRM and other data. Once you get the hold of it - create your own with the ease of drag-and-drop.

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You can combine your reports and graphs in dashboards, share with your team with a link, in a file or include in your intranet or homepage. All of this is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible from everywhere at any time.

No hidden requirements

No one is left behind

No customisations or additional setup required. You just use HansaWorld standard data export tools to transfer data to flex.bi. Exports from all HansaWorld products - Enterprise, Standard, Books and Hansa Raama - are fully supported.

More than 3D

Customers, items, accounts, time and other multi level dimensions will be built and fitted to the logic used in your HansaWorld product

Measures and reports

A bunch of nifty measures and calculated members together with a default set of reports and dashboards will be pre-defined for you, so you can start digging in right away

By the way - all the data transfer steps are well documented too. We even made a tutorial video for you to to see how easy it is. We can also offer automatic data import.

Your data deserves this

Reports from your wishlist

From simple item revenue and sales staff performance comparison reports to sophisticated budget comparisons and top/bottom graphs. You can create it all with ease

Find data bugs fast

Even the best employees and systems occasionally make mistakes. With our drill-down functionality you will be able to find these errors no problem

Business intelligence that's almost kid friendly

As easy as a Lego

flex.bi has been designed with a single goal in mind - make accessing complex data as easy and intuitive as possible. Imagine having power much bigger than pivot tables in Excel. You will get that with the ease of simple drag-and-drop.

Smart as an owl

You can use flex.bi to build reports that you don't have in HansaWorld. But the true power is hidden in the powerful calculation and slicing and dicing functionality you can use to discover information you didn't even know existed

Numbers can look nice

After working hard in the data mines of your HansaWorld system you will be pleased to find out just how easily you can transform your data into all kinds of good looking graphs and charts or even maps with a couple of quick clicks

Build dashboards with graphs and reports to allow not only you, but also your whole team to be on top of the information wave. No more keeping up-to-date and e-mailing dreadfully complex spreadsheets

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