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 I was surprised how a couple of visual graphs on a TV screen in my office  can change  the way I see my  company  and my team. It is not only about saving my time every day  – sales numbers and activity has improved  and  I can finally be sure that people are working towards the same  goals that I am. ”

Kaspars Skribanovskis, CEO of Rolling


Rolling is a one-stop service agency that provides general office equipment service, selling and delivering office equipment, raw materials, stationery, household and food products to offices. The company was looking for a way to increase the turnover by increasing the productivity of his employees and to keep the sales and service team motivated and strengthen the team across departments. The solution had to be at-least partly automated and easily adjustable, so that it could be adapted with little training and a few click when needed.



Competition Algorithm: The template Team Competition Algorithm allows to create a dashboard showing results of individual employees or departments based on data sourced from the HansaWorld ERP system and have them work towards a competition target or compete agains each other. The solution will assign points to the employees according to pre-set rules. This is a predefined solution which was implemented with a few click and can be redefined according to the needs. The main benefits of this solution are team motivation and team building, as well as cross-department transparency – all departments are aware of what results are reached in other departments.

Combining three data sources and creating a customized solution: Rolling had 8 TV screens through their offices, assembly area and service centre. Based on the out of the box solution for Competition algorithm added customization for Rolling to display competitions through on all 8 screens. In order to represent all the dimension 3 different data sources were combined and an integration developed to ensure the real time update of data.

Following components were created for the customer:

  • On top of the standard interface, a fully customized html interface with custom colors and logo of the company was created.
  • A custom module in HansaWorld Standard ERP system was developed, to control the wallboards and competition algorithm.
  • A team competition algorithm was created, that can be based on item sales, sales to new customers, call times compared to sales etc.
  • Real-time data import from 3 different data sources was set-up.


The main result is a business information system that is specifically tailored according to the company’s requirements and as such has become an integral part of the company’s day-to-day operations. Driven by the engaging competitions, the productivity of call center employees has increased by 25%, which in turn has boosted company’s turnover. The business critical data processing and presenting processes have been automated, giving the managers more time to focus on decision making and running their business. Wallboards across the company’s premises provide a live status feed about common goals and current results towards achieving those goals. This makes everyone in the company more engaged and motivated to do their best and work together as a team.


Powerful tool tailored to my business needs. I love being on top of things and want my employees also to be aware about my expectations. We are customer for 8 years already and it is growing together with us.”

Kaspars Skribanovskis, CEO of Rolling



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