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All-in-one Analytics Solution – it has changed the way I think, manage and see my business


   You rarely come across game-changers  in business – but is one of them. Great product,  excellent service.
Jon Carn, Managing Director, Kenfield Ltd


Kenfield Ltd was established in 1983 and has grown to become one of the leading specialist door manufacturers in the United Kingdom. The company is providing specialist doors to customers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America and Australasia.

For operative reporting, company management had to manually combine data from multiple sources, e.g, salesmen performance data from 3CX Phone system, financial and sales data from HansaWorld SERP, online presence analytics from Google Analytics platform, and then compare the results with targets set in XLS files. That’s a lot of data sources and a lot of manual labor, so 

the main goal of the company was to gather all of the essential data in one place and automate operative report creation process. 



During the first stage of the project, financial and sales reports were created using the data imported from HansaWorld SERP. To increase sales person motivation, sales target monitoring reports were created, using targets set in XLS files.

During the second stage of the project, additional data sources were added to the solution. To allow online marketing analysis, data import from Google Analytics was set-up and relevant Google AdWords result reports were created. Also, a new integration with the 3CX Phone system was developed, allowing to import call centre data and analyse the performance of different phone sales persons.



All-in-one analytics solution that combines data from all of the main data sources relevant to the company. Custom made operational reports and dashboards that provide instant insights into different aspects of the company’s day-to-day results and overall performance, including financial results, sales performance, results of online advertisement and the performance of call-centre. 

Now the company’s management can focus on data-driven decision making instead of spending their valuable time on manually gathering data from multiple systems. The sales team can keep track of their progress and keep up with their goals, which keeps them success driven and motivated.




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