Sharing is caring – introducing Wallboards in flex.bi


“I can not be there all the time –   flex.bi Wallboards does it for me even if I am not around ” Allan Harper, Financial Director, Digicape, South Africa



If you would like to learn about Wallboard use cases from our product manager  Elvis, watch this entertaining video. You will find out about:

  • Do’ s and Don’t s of creating a Wallboard
  • hardware requirements and setup
  • stories from different industries about Wallboard use cases


  • direct links to flex.bi reports and dashboards with or without access tokens
  • iframes to embed reports or dashboards in external web pages.

In flex.bi Enterprise 4.3 Wallboard setup is available in combination with  public access with token selection. You have to Enable public access tokens first and then choose Wallboard [1]. The URL will be regenerated without the iframe parameters [2]. Basically Wallboards are publicly accessible dashboards, optimized for large screens.  Wallboards use bigger fonts, show each dashboard page in a rotating slideshow, and a special layout to look better on big screens.

In addition to other options for embedded dashboards [1], you can select to show or not to show the dashboard header, select dark color theme, and display information about the last import time on the screen for each report. The default transition time for each slide is 20 seconds, but you can change that.

Following are the examples of a Wallboard using dark color theme and light color theme.



Fun OS integration options

If you really like your Wallboard and want to see it during your everyday activities, you can set it up to show as your computer screensaver or even desktop wallpaper. To do this, you can use Wallboard URL and an third party application. Here are some instructions you can try:

  • To set up your Wallboard as a screensaver on your Mac, click šeit.
  • To set up your Wallboard as a screensaver on your Windows, click šeit.
  • To set up your Wallboard as a desktop wallpaper on your Windows, click šeit.

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