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Team Motivation

Online competitions

This solution allows you to create internal competition based on results of your team. Why couldn’t you  make reaching targets fun for everyone?  You can set up the rules how teams can earn points – by sales quantities, quality, speed, activity, particular item sales  or other values  you import from your HansaWorld and other systems.  You can choose whether to  focus more on team or on individual results . Quantity of members in the teams can be changed.

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Suggested to use together with Wallboard solution


Team Competition Dashboard

Wallboards – Reports shared on a TV screen or monitor for all team to be seen.
Why should you do that? First of all because every team member wants to know where your company is going and what are the targets. Secondly, why not to use simple way to influence your team and communicate with it?

+ Wallboard control panel in HansaWorld. 
Allows you to control the content of the screens and mix together with actual pictures, announcements or other information that is important for the company.

Target Monitoring

Setting targets help you and your team to realise the goals, see if you are moving to the right direction. There are 2 ways how to set target data in –  Inside the interface or by using external file import with the necessary data. In our Templates we have shown how to setup salesperson’s targets, but the same principle can be used if you want to monitor Item group sales limits, Customer group turnover or expenses by the object.

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Target Monitors Dashboard

Trends and Forecasts

Current period forecast

Sometimes we all wish we could see the future or at least a sneak a peak to what expects us quite soon. With you can calculate possible prediction based on past period results of sales and budget implementation.
You can also play with projections of past periods data in future and add ” What if”  percent to the future results.

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Customer Stories is is the best BI tool to perfectly have your data from different Standard ERP modules and other systems in one view. The drill down functionality is wonderful.

Norman Mouton, CTO

Read user story saves me hours of time in manually exporting reports into excel and creating reports and dashboards.
Drag and drop interface makes it easy to understand and create complex reports in minutes. The cube structure to data allows one quick access to large data sets.
Always willing to work together to solve a problem if it will further develop the system.

Alan Harper, CFO,

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On-line interactive screens allows us to follow team results continuously and helps to accelerate decision making and implement improvements needed. It is perfect tool to motivate team to get better results and reach the targets.

Vilnis Krauze, CEO

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